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Portland Happiness Center

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Below are some of the trainings we provide. We also work together with your organization to implement trainings targeting communication, team-building and motivation.



Mindfulness & Happiness at Work

Learn how to reduce stress levels, increase productivity, think more creatively, improve communication skills, and reach levels never before imagined!

3 hours        


The Art of Communicating

Communication is a vital skill in your personal and professional life. When you master the art of communication you become a better professional and a better person, changing for good the way you connect with others.

2- 3 hours    


Breakfast with a Brazilian

An Employee Wellness Workshop with a “Brasileiro” Flair!

What can we learn in a breakfast? How to work together, improve team-building, communication skills and be more productive, all while having fun.

Up to 4 hours


5 Secrets to Happiness: from a Brazilian perspective

Join the Brazilian Happiness Coach and Founder of the Portland Happiness Center, Rodrigo Baena, as he shares ideas to help you reach your highest personal potential.

1 hour  



Contact us for inquires about Trainings and Workshops

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Training and Workshops

The Portland Happiness Center is speaking to clubs like Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions club.

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USA +1 503.789.1291

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